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Just upgraded to 2.6.38-9 on Ubuntu 11.04 and rebooted immediately after. It gets as far as the ubuntu logo on the purple screen, then after a moment switches to a black screen with boot status output. The last line is always:

* Checking battery state...

Followed by a blinking cursor. It hangs there forever. The few lines before it vary, but it always stops at checking battery state. I can access the ctrl-alt-f2 console. What can I do?

edit: solved, problem was I had the wrong nvidia driver enabled - I had version 173, when I should have had the current version.

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If you hold the SHIFT key while your computer starts, before the purple Ubuntu loading screen appears, a menu will appear that will let you select an older version of the kernel to start instead. Does that allow Ubuntu to start properly? – Patches May 30 '11 at 23:42
Yes, it does boot with 2.6.38-8. – herpderp May 31 '11 at 0:01

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