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I recently moved (~65mi). I have all my files on my Linux Server at home. I want to find a way to have 2 Ubuntu Workstations (at my office/apartment) and Laptop to all be able to stream my media from my home server. (The server get about 600kbps upstream).

Accessing the files I found OpenVPN and NFS to work great - however streaming my videos hasn't been so good - its extremely choppy and unwatchable. I realize there is no perfect solution, but is there anything that could be setup to buffer/prefetch/compress videos making them tolerable to watch?

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You can try using a streaming server such as Darwin.

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I wasn't aware of this specifically but I wanted to avoid a dedicated streaming server solution - I was looking for a more seamless, like gstreamer. – NFicano Jan 28 '11 at 15:43



Both are easy to setup and will stream video, music, etc over the internet to your phone or web browser. With PLEX you can also stream to a Roku as well.

The PLEX is best for intranet media server and Subsonic is great to have facing outside as it has authentication to log in.

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