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I'm just a bit curious to know ( and would love to try ) if it's possible to use computer as a cell phone.

To achieve this, one would probably need a way to interact with a SIM card. And perhaps a radio receiver/transmitter.

Is this possible? Are there any applications which do this or something similar? A bit of googling landed me on the Gammu homepage.

Thank you,all!

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You'll need hardware and software to do that.

For hardware, you could use a 3G Dongle like Huawei's or a phone and USB connectors. Personally I'd go for the USB dongles. They're made for 3G but you could also use them as GSM modems. They have a slot for your SIM card.

The 3G dongles usually have their own dashboard software that'll allow it to interact with your PC. You could also try FrontLineSMS as your interface. You could also write your own app using Gammu.

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