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I have a PC and a Linksys SPA3102.

I have connected them directly with an etthernet cable (pc address, linksys address An analog phone device is connected to linksys (plugged into "Phone" socket).

I turned off PC's firewall.

In Linksys configuration I set:

  • Preferred codec: g711a (PCMA)
  • Register: no;
  • Make call without reg: yes;
  • ans call without reg: yes;

I use pjsua to make a call call with arguments

pjsua --bound-addr --no-vad --add-codec pcma sip:

The analog phone rings but when I answer it no sound is available in any direction.

Any suggestions?

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Damn it... nobody knows :(((( – Łukasz Bownik Jun 1 '11 at 12:05
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I figured it out. In case anybody encounters the same problem.

SPA3102 does allow calling from WAN only, so I had to plug my PC to "internet" port instead "ethernet" port.

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Do accept your answer to mark it as solved. Thanks. – Sathya Jun 3 '11 at 5:51

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