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I want to do a Copy and Replace (an overwrite) always when I am copying files from one folder to another. Is there anyway, anyway at all that I can ensure that the prompt does not appear saying "Are you sure you want to Copy and Replace".

I have had a look at this question but any solution without Auto Hot Key is preferable.

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I dont think you are going to find a switch in the Registry to control this.

But you have at least two options to improve your user experience :

Solution A

Install TeraCopy from It has plenty of options to achieve what you are trying to do, one of them is Resume file copy should you run out of diskspace.

Solution B

Install Classic Shell from It is free and allows you to enable the old dialog box from Windows XP.

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Thanks! Is there a copy.exe of Windows 7 which accepts parameters, if yes, we could at least do a script of it and then make it a shortcut (link) in Windows 7 and be done with it. Any thoughts along those lines? – Kanini Jun 1 '11 at 14:35
It might be possible to make a small executable that sits in the taskbar, waiting for the Windows 7 Copy File dialog. When it appears the program will automatically click Copy and Replace. – Sharken Jun 1 '11 at 17:22

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