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When I say search for an already open tab I mean it could be a tab which is already opened in the current tab group or a different tab group which is hidden. I remember seeing a video on this a long time ago - Tab Candy, maybe? But I think that was an add-on..

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In the Tab Group view, you should be able to just start typing to search for tabs. If the title of any tab, in any group, matches the search string, that tab will be highlighted.

enter image description here

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By default you can start typing in the location bar and Firefox will search open tabs, bookmarks and history. Notice that in the screenshot below, I'm performing a search from a tab group that only has a single blank tab. Firefox finds my open Stack Exchange tab even though it's in another tab group:

enter image description here

You can take this a step further, and search only open tabs by using the % search filter:

enter image description here

The % filter works at the beginning or end of your typing. You can even use it by itself to list all open tabs:

enter image description here

Edit: I've updated this answer to include a number of examples which may be useful to the OP or other passersby. If the Location Bar autocompletion isn't working as expected, it may be due to a configuration issue. The following links provide some information about relevant about:config settings, and provide some useful tips for Location Bar autocompletion in general.

Location Bar Autocomplete page at Mozilla
Reference for browser.urlbar.default.behavior setting
Reference for browser.urlbar.matchBehavior setting

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I don't seem to get this... – deostroll Jun 1 '11 at 12:00
Answer edited to include a bunch more info. You seem to have already gotten what you're looking for with the tab group search, but the location bar can be pretty useful too! – ajk Jun 1 '11 at 21:53

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