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Possible Duplicate:
How to extract image from PDF file

I have a PDF with images.

I would like to save the images alone as JPG with the resolution as 300.

Please provide me the commands to execute this in Windows.

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I am really curious about those commands and where can one execute them – Bastardo Jun 1 '11 at 10:40

ImageMagick may be the tool you're looking for (there are Windows binaries available here):

 convert -resample 300x300 infile.pdf outfile%d.jpg
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Doing a quick google using "command line pdf utility" gives you a few options, some being:

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interesting stuff – Bastardo Jun 1 '11 at 10:41

a question like this one is asked on Super User before, and this is the question How to extract image from PDF file.Below is an answer with commands:

If you download XPDF for Windows (here), you'll find a few .exe files inside. You can run them without "installation". Use pdfimages.exe like this:

pdfimages.exe -help

This displays the help screen.

pdfimages.exe ^

-j ^
c:\path\to\your.pdf ^

This extracts all JPEGs as prefix-00N.jpg, and all the other images as prefix-00N.ppm (Portable PixMap).

pdfimages.exe ^

-j ^
-f 11 ^
-l 13 ^
c:\path\to\your.pdf ^

Same as before, but limits image extraction to pages 11 ('f' = first) to 13 ('l' = last).

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