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I have a Dell Inspiron 1520. Under Ubuntu 9.04, my mic is extremely quiet. Under Windows the mic is a good volume. I have crawled through alsa-mixer and all the sound options I can find in Ubuntu, but I can't get the volume above a whisper level.

Any ideas?


If I right click on a Volume Control icon and choose Volume Control I get This

Here is what is in this window. This is 2 levels, the first is the tabs, and the second is the things in the tabs

  • Playback (All three of these control my system volume)
    • Master
    • PCM
    • Front
  • Recording (All of these options are turned up to 100% and not muted)
    • Capture
    • Capture 1
    • Digital
    • Mux
    • Mux 1
  • Switches
    • IEC958 [Checked]
    • IEC958 Default PCM [Checked]
    • Analog Loopback [Not Checked]
  • Options
    • IEC958 Playback Source (Digital Playback, other choices are Mux and Mux 1)
    • Digital Input Source (Digial Mic 1, other choice is Analog Inputs)
    • Input Source (Mic, no other options)
    • Input Source (Mic, no other options)
  • Sound Theme (excluded)

I have checked everything in the preferences window that comes up from the button below.

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Is 'Mic Boost' a valid option for you?

Click on the volume controller on the top right, choose 'Volume Control'. From the dialog, select 'Preferences' button, and fine '[ ] Mic Boost'. For some reason, it's under Playback (should be under recording), make sure it's not muted and raise it up.

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There is no Mic Boost anywhere that I can find on my system. This is what I do in Windows to get it to be audible, but I can't find it in Ubuntu. – Mike Cooper Aug 25 '09 at 3:05
Could you update your question to list what is there? – LiraNuna Aug 25 '09 at 3:10
This sounds like a driver 'issue' (unimplemented feature). Would you mind trying to pop a LiveCD of the latest alpha to check if any new drivers are available? – LiraNuna Aug 25 '09 at 9:01

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