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I finally made the switch from Safari to Chrome a few days ago, and I haven't looked back. There is one issue I've been running into though -- I used to be able to open javascript bookmarklets with Quicksilver, and they would run in my currently open tab in Safari. So for example I have the following bookmarklet for Readability:


And before I could open this in Quicksilver and execute the "Run Javascript" action, and it would run the javascript in the current tab (usually some blog article I was reading).

Now these javascript bookmarklets don't seem to work. I added The following to /Applications/Google in the CFBundleURLTypes array. Now Chrome gets focus, but the javascript doesn't run.

    <string>Javascript URLs</string>

Note: I can't get this to work with Alfred either

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"Run Javascript" action does not work for Google Chrome before some change made to QS and a new Chrome qsplugin.

However, as long as Chrome does come with AppleScript support, you should be able to write an AppleScript action to do the same thing.

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