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I have a few machines in my local network. A Mac running OS X 10.6.7, a PC running Windows 7 Pro, and a PC running Server 2008 R2.

  • My Win 7 box can ping my server. It can't ping the Mac.
  • My server can't ping the Mac or the Win 7 box.
  • My Mac ping'd the server a few minutes ago, but now can't. It's never been able to ping the Win 7 box.

Everything is on the same network, same gateway, all through the same router. Mac and Win 7 are on wireless, server is wired. I am pinging only IPs.

I know this has to be a firewall issue somewhere on the line but I'm at a loss. Suggestions on where to start?

Edit: Another detail about the Win 7 box and server. I am able to remote into the server from the Win 7 box using the ip. I'm also able to mount a drive which is shared from the server on the Win 7 box. When a remote session is active, I'm able to ping the win 7 and server between each other. But when the remote session is closed, no more pings.

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Do you ping IP addresses or host names? If your Windows Server is a local DNS server, it might not work for the Mac (at least that's my experience being purely a Mac user on a Windows Active Directory network). – Daniel Beck Jun 1 '11 at 18:44
All pings are to the ips and not host names. – clang1234 Jun 1 '11 at 18:45
Since the MAC was able to ping, but then it can't...that suggests a network congestion issue or signal loss. Do you have a light to indicate network activity that is blinking heavily? Have you tried turning off each machine one at a time and performing pings back and forth between the 2 remaining machines? This will tell you if one of the machines is creating heavy traffic. – P.Brian.Mackey Jun 1 '11 at 19:00
Do you know if the MAC has a ping service/daemon running. Have you tries to borrow a MAC laptop and see if the MACs ping each other? – kingchris Jun 1 '11 at 19:04
@P.Brian: Restarted server, able to ping from win7 and mac a few times, then lost it. @kingchris: Not sure if mac has a ping service running, how would I check. Sadly, no one to borrow a mac from. – clang1234 Jun 1 '11 at 19:13

For the mac make sure stealth is not enabled:

System Preferences -> Security -> Firewall (tab) -> Advanced (button) stealth mode

For windows it is likely an issue with the firewall also. This guide might help.

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Stealth is not enabled. File Sharing (AFP) is set to allow incoming connections. – clang1234 Jun 1 '11 at 19:15

Sounds like a port is blocked. Try disabling the firewall entirely.

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