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I am simply not able to use the Windows 7 search box to find files in the current directory.

The following are my settings:

  • I have currently configured Windows Indexing only to search in my "Start Menu".
  • I am also using primarily a non-Administrator account.
  • In the folder search options, I have set it up as "in non-indexed folders search file names only".
  • I've also checked that the Windows Search Service is running.
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In Explorer, you are given the option to search non-indexed locations, but you have this disabled. – Moab Jun 1 '11 at 23:17
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I noticed that when I navigated to the directory via the drive path (C:..), I was able to get file search results. My previous efforts were using the 'Libraries' virtual folder.

After a lot of googling, it was Bing that ironically gave me a decent result: Search doesn't work for non-indexed locations in Libraries

So it looks like it's a bug !

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"The community Taskforce initiative has now come to a close." too bad they closed it. You can accept you own answer, you get no reps but it will make it easier for others to find the answer. – Moab Jun 2 '11 at 16:36

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