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A year ago, I had an internship with Medtronic, where they sold Office 2010 for $10 through the Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP). I downloaded the install file and they sent the product key to my Medtronic e-mail. I had saved the product key in a text document, but I must have made a mistake because the text document is blank. I no longer have access to my Medtronic e-mail.

Do you folks have any ideas on how I can recover this key, or am I SOL?

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your right to use this software is tied to your company’s continued Software Assurance coverage and your continued employment with that company. -- IE, if you no longer work there, then you no longer can use the software according to Microsoft. – Zoredache Jun 2 '11 at 6:20

If you still have it installed somewhere, download and run Produkey. It will list your Microsoft keys:

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