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Text Editor for very big file - Windows

I have a BIG .SQL file of 45 MB.

Now, I want to open the file so that I can see ALL the content of that file.

But when I open it in EditPlus or Notepad, it only shows first 500 lines of code.

In which software should I open it so that I can see complete file?


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If you don't have SQL Server Management Studio or Visual Studio (both of which have free Express versions available to download at Microsoft.com) then try Notepad++. It should open your file just fine and will also give you context sensitive formatting.

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I have SQL Server Management Studio, but even in that it does not open full file :(. Will check Notepad++. Thanks! –  meetpd Jun 2 '11 at 10:22
@meetpd Hmm, that surprises me. Visual Studio should open that file just fine, I use it for big text files a lot. Notepad++ should do the trick and also has other great features. Just out of curiosity, what SQL do you have that results in a 45 MB file? –  squillman Jun 2 '11 at 10:34

You could import it into MySQL and querying it about its content... You can even use a GUI frontend for the DB.

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