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Hi i have a problem in my Gnome 3 Fedora 15 installation. I've tried both Mesa and nvidia drivers from rpmfusion and the problem persist, so I suppose it is an issue with the desktop manager. Occasionally, but I'm unable to replicate it, the mouse locks a selection as if I was keeping the left mouse button pressed, which I am not. From that moment on, it is impossible to left click on anything, while middle and right click works properly. Once it started, the only way I found to stop it is disposing the target of the lock (eg: closing the focused window) but not always is possible (the problems endures even pkill-ing X, because that process will still be alive I imagine). At last, I can sometimes plug in an usb mouse and have the left click working, while the touchpad will stay locked. Before submitting a bug, I was curious to know if someone else is experiencing this or if it might be a problem of my setup, as I found no description of this issue googling around. Thank you

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I have the same problem. What I found was that if I selected something with the left mouse button, it would not "take" until I rolled the mouse pointer over the icon for the task. That is, if I press a link on my Firefox page, Firefox will not go to the link until I move the mouse over the Firefox icon on top of the page.

I find this a pretty bad bug for a major release from somebody as respectable as Fedora.

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I was having the same problem using Gnome 2.28.2 on Fedora 12 that seemed to appear when I would press numlock. My mouse would move and I could middle or right click, but never left-click.

I was able to "release" my left mouse button by running:

xdotool mouseup 1

xdotool is part of the xdotool RPM.

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This is going to be an extremely useful workaround. I'm going to vote up this answer as soon as I see it works. Thanks – digital illusion Jun 15 '11 at 22:29
That doesn't work for me. It seems to be a shell related problem, rather than an input related problem. I mean, the mouse input works (fake or real), but the shell doesn't respond to it – digital illusion Jun 16 '11 at 6:46
Looks like we had different problems then :( – TheGeneral Jun 17 '11 at 10:57

A little late to the party but as I've had this same problem (selection lock and no more left click) for the last two weeks... I found out it happens only when "touchpad clicks" are enabled in

System Settings >> Mouse and Touchpad >> Touchpad

So unchecking "Enable mouseclicks with touchpad" fixes it, at least in my particular case.

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