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I am using Ubuntu Linux

I recently started using a separate google profile for school using

 google-chrome --user-data-dir="~/.config/google-chrome/users/school/"

It was working fine until I needed to get to the profile directory. I expected "~/.config/google-chrome/users/school/" to be at "/home/username/.config/google-chrome/users/school" but its not.

I changed the shortcut but now I need to copy the data over.

I couldn't find the answer in any of the about:about pages.

Also, if I go to ~/.config/google-chrome/users/school/ in the browser of Google Chrome, it still shows a blank directory (it redirects me to /home/username/.config/google-chrome/users/school like you'd expect).

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Be careful with the double quotes, when you put a ~ into a double quoted string, bash doesn't expand to home.

For example, this line doesn't work:

cat "~/.bashrc"
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