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I want to bind <C-h> to execute tmux slect-window -t -1, <C-l> to execute tmux slect-window -t +1 in zsh, can I do it?

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You could solve this by adding a couple of zsh functions, registering them as zle widgets, and then use bindkey to map them to hotkeys.

I wouldn't want to bind anything to <C-l> though, since that's usually the keybinding for clear, and I use that quite a lot.

This should solve your problem:

control_h() {
  tmux select-window -t -1
zle -N control_h
bindkey "\Ch" control_h

control_l() {
  tmux select-window -t +1
zle -N control_l
bindkey "\Cl" control_l

How to create basic keyboard shortcuts in zsh is covered here

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