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It appears to be attempting to interpolate Javadoc links into standard Java classes, among other things. The resultant output is fairly difficult to read. For instance, I am defining a Queue at one point:

private Queue replyQueue;

WebSVN is rendering this as follows (literals included):

private 1.5.0/docs/api/java/util/Queue.html">Queue replyQueue;

Now, it doesn't seem to affect business logic in terms of comparing revision graphs or anything, and presumably this is straightforward misconfiguration, but I've poked around a bit and haven't been able to make much progress. Has anyone else seen -- ideally, repaired -- this issue with garbled Java output from WebSVN?

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I commented out the following line in /etc/websvn/config.php and the issue has resolved itself.


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following the recipe mentioned here, this issues was fixed properly in our setup (comment by Andreas Schöneck)

By updating GeSHi to the most recent version ( I was able to fix this issue.

My steps taken: 1. download GeSHi distribution archive, uncompress (you will get a geshi folder) 2. backup old /usr/share/php-geshi 3. replace old /usr/share/php-geshi with the geshi folder from inside the archive done


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