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I have a VPS system with 768MB RAM. Is there any way to find out

  • what the average amount of RAM I normally use is
  • which processes normally use high RAM and CPU

so that I can see if i need to upgrade it or not?

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Just RAM? Not swap? I have done a dirty scripting job into that:
First we need to parse ps aux output for getting mem, command and cpu, thats done in that perl script:

@dados = `ps aux`;
for $i ( 0 .. $#dados  ) {
    @l = split('\s+', $dados[$i]);
    $j = join(',',@l[1..9]);
    print "$j,@l[ 10 .. $#l]\n";

Output will be a comma separated value how will be interpreted by a Rscript:

efile <- commandArgs(TRUE)
dados <- read.csv(efile[1])
dados <- dados[order(dados[3],dados[4],decreasing=T),]
sprintf("%f %s",mem,dados[1, 'COMMAND'])

This script do the tricky of getting MEM and what command is using more MEM|CPU.

In my crontab entry I have the following line.

* * * * * perl $HOME/ > $HOME/process.csv && Rscript --vanilla $HOME/mstats.R $HOME/process.csv >> $HOME/sysmemcpu.log 

With R you can make the graphic if needed:

Memory usage

Sorry if I used a non-standard tool for making the statistics.

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