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When creating a style in LibreOffice, you can "link" them to other rules so that they inherit the other rules styles and only modify specific properties. For example if the default style defines a font and My Style only adds an rule for italics, then changing the font of default will also change everything that is styled with My Style.

The usage of this is simple enough, as you make changes to a style it collects a list of modified properties. These properties are listed for reference in style dbx's Organizer tab:

sceenshot of modify style dbx

However, I cannot figure out how to remove them! Once a property in any of the tabs is touched, an override rule is added to the "style contains" section.

How can I change a property back to a value of "inherited" or simply remove it from the contains list? In the example above, say I want to set the value for indents so that they inherit from the linked style instead of use the 0 value shown?

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I finally found some documentation that set my head straight on this.

Apparently the dialog box in question works on a tab-at-a-time basis. I tried the "Standard" and "Reset" buttons. Reset pretty clearly set things back to the way they were before I started making changes. What I didn't understand was how to use the "Standard" button.

In order to clear customized values and set them back to inherited, you have to select the tab of the items you want to clear, and hit the standard button. At that point everything in that tab is set to "inherit" and dropped from the "contains" list in the organizer tab. You cannot drop only one value from a tab, you have to clear them all. Once the tab is cleared of custom values you can customize any specific value again.

User Interface Fail!

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This functionality is missing for page styles and list styles (at least in LO 3.4.3), there is only Reset button. – danadam Oct 21 '11 at 13:25

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