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I'm using Firefox 3.6 on Ubuntu and I believe the back button's default was small (I.e., the same size as the forward button).

I know there are many fixes to make it small, however, I would like to make it big like the usual Firefox.


Big vs. Small Back Button

I would like to have the first image.

EDIT: the "Use Small Icons" box under Toolbar > Customize is toggled off. Never played with it before. The Back button was never large.

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Starting with Firefox 3, different UIs are used on different operating systems. The Linux version uses a traditional GTK2 toolbar where all buttons are of the same size and separate from each other.

beta screenshot

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Do the reverse of this (i.e. uncheck the box):

If you're not a fan of Firefox 3's large back button, you don't have to wrangle with CSS or themes to adjust its size. Simply right-click on Firefox's toolbar, and choose Customize. In the dialog box, select "Use small icons"—and voila! Your back button will be the same size as reload.

From: Shrink Firefox 3’s Supersized Back Button

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sorry I'll edit the question -- this is unchecked. I've never played with any of the toolbar settings before. – kalaracey Jun 4 '11 at 21:47

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