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I just upgraded my laptop RAM to 12GB (W510, 4 DIMM slots), and since I am using a SSD, I find hard drive space to be quite precious. However, since I have more than enough RAM for most stuff, I think I can get by with probably around 4GB of page file. however, on C drive, there is a pagefile.sys which I assume to be reserving space for page files in the OS, how would I decrease the size of this file?

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To adjust the pagefile size, press Windows Flag Key+Pause/Break.

From here, on the left hand side, choose Advanced system settings, this will open System Properties on theAdvanced tab`.

Next click on Settings in the Performance Group.

Now click the Advanced tab.

Next click Change under Virtual Memory

And, deselect Automatically manage paging file size for all drives, and then click Custom size and change it whatever you want.

enter image description here

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When Windows creates pagefile.sys it typically makes it a "large" size - usually the size of RAM installed on your machine.

Take a look at this to change the size of the file: What is pagefile.sys and can I move it? It should help you to change the size of it.

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