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I see this article about auto login when joined to a domain. Windows 7 Automatic Login when on a Domain

I have a similar scenario. But there is an occasion when a user may want to log on remotely and therefore lock out the workstation.

My question is. Once the remote user logs off will the station automatically log back in to the user setup in the link above?

Or alternatively is there a way to get windows 7 to allow concurrent logins that is not as crippling as it was when done to XP.I see this article on it but was wondering if that would work in a domain? Though thats another question...

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First, when a user logs out, it will not automatically log another user back in. That autologon only works when the winlogon process is starting on boot.

That multiple logons hack may work, but it is not a supported configuration, and certainly a violation of the EULA.

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As a follow up to this comment, Has anyone done multiple logons on Windows 7 that would like to share their experience? If it works fine then that is the answer I am looking for. Do remember this computer is on a domain. – Campo Jun 7 '11 at 18:32

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