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I would like to use HDMI on my graphic card for audio output. ALSA shows it as a card with 4 devices and I can get sound through one of them (the other three are different channels, perhaps? I have only stereo output connected). Although Pulseaudio has the right card set as default, it seems to me that it plays on a wrong device. Pacmd shows that the sink has parameter alsa.device set to the first device listed by ALSA, but I can get sound only from the second one.

How can I force Pulseaudio to use another device of the same card as a default output?

Or how can I force ALSA to switch numbers of the first and the second device on the card?

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It seems like I found a solution, at least for this particular case. Since I knew the card and device number assigned by ALSA, I just had to open /etc/pulse/ in editor and change this line

#load-module module-alsa-sink

into this

load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:2,7

where 2 and 7 are my particular instances of card and device numbers. This created a new sink connected to the correct device, which was then used as the default output.

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PulseAudio Device Chooser (padevchooser)?

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Unfortunately, padevchooser needs name of the sink to connect to, but the device I want to use is not available among Pulseaudio sinks. I would have to create it first, or modify the one with different alsa.device parameter. Both things lie beyond the bounds of my current knowledge and abilities. – pomotron Jun 5 '11 at 19:23

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