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I'm looking for a video editor that does the following:

  1. Let's me see a timeline of the video and audio separately
  2. Let's me insert different audio for different times in the video
  3. Let's me stretch out the video (halt the video) to accommodate long stretches of audio
  4. Let's me insert different clips into the video

I'm looking for something opensource but I'll take any free editor if needed. As a last resort I'll buy a program to do this if need be but I'd really rather not.

Please don't mention Movie Maker as it doesn't support the codecs I need and is really slow.

I'm editing a screencast I made and need to "brush it up" a little.

I'm using Windows 7 64 bit

As a side note, when I edit videos with VirtaulDub it's very jittery, is this because I'm editing a H264 encoded video?

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go .. professional: http://www.lightworksbeta.com/

it's free and there were really big movies edited with it.

enter image description here

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wow... thanks for the tip.. sounds interesting :) –  Juan Sebastian Totero Jun 17 '11 at 2:03

on Windows, the selection is not big. I already had Pinnacle VideoSpin (limited version of Pinnacle Studio with trial period for mpeg2/4 import/export filters) which worked good. But after the filter trial period I found out, that the best way for me is to upgrade to full version. There was also a chance to get full version of Serif Movieplus X3 for free when buying a AMD Phenom CPU, but I think it is not available now.

At home I also tried freeware program Movie Xone 1.03, but it is really old and new versions are paid. Relatively promising looks the ZS4 Video Editor (former Zwei-Stein Video Editor), which is free, runs on Windows and seems to offer needed features.

On linux you have much bigger choice - Kdenlive, Open Movie Editor, OpenShot etc. Many free editors - range from easy and intended for beginner users to professional ones.

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