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I am configuring Outlook to work more like Gmail

  1. Display messages in conversations
  2. Move messages I send to the Inbox, so they appear in the conversation
  3. Implemented an Archive macro/folder

However, I cannot get messages that I send, which are moved to the Inbox, to be marked as read. I guess it's because I'm not actually sending my messages to the Inbox, I'm just copying them. And it appears that rules work only on sent and received messages.

Here are my rules (text only)

CC Sent Messages to Inbox

  • Apply this rule after I send the message
  • move a copy to the Inbox Folder

Mark Messages from Self as Read

  • Apply this rule after the message arrives
  • from Anthony Mastrean
  • mark it as read
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In conversation view, only the first message isn't kept in the inbox conversation. That one can be found in the Sent Items. Give up.

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