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Gnome Display Manager has a timed sign-in capability so that if no user is chosen a default with auto-sign-in after some delay. Can this be done in Windows 7? If so then how?

I don't mind using a third party solution if it is free.

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After some pretty intense looking around, I couldn't find anything free. Nonfree – viking Jun 16 '11 at 16:02

You can activate a automatic logon with this command:

control userpasswords2

(Just type it into command prompt or the Run dialog which can be opened with WIN + R)

  1. Uncheck the setting "Users mus enter password....".
  2. Click on Apply
  3. Input Automatic Login Information

The timeout function is not possible, but you can press ALT (I'm not sure maybe it was STRG + SHIFT) before the user login starts. This will cancel the automatic login and you can login into another user account.

You can also press WIN + L to go quickly to the Logon Screen and login into your account.

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