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I took some photos and made a huge PDF of them on Omnigraffle (OSX).

Now I need to email that PDF, but since every photo is 5MB, the file is huge. I don't need the high-res photos when I email it though.

So what program will take my PDF, resize all the images to low resolution and save it?

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Open the PDF in Preview, Select File » Save as…, and select the Quartz Filter named Reduce File Size.

enter image description here

Use ColorSync Utility to fine-tune the filter. Duplicate Reduce File Size and change settings afterwards.

I suggest you first try clearing all values from the Image Sampling block, except Resolution, which should be around 150-300 DPI, depending on how much you want to save.

enter image description here

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I don't know of a program that will do what you want, but an alternative to produce the same end result would be to compress the images with a graphics program first, and then put them into a document and convert it to PDF.

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