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I have a samba server with about 10 different shares on it. I know you can map one of these shares to a drive, but could I just map the entire network server (showing each share) to a drive?

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Assuming you're referring to mapping a drive in Windows, no. Windows only permits you to map a single network share to a drive. (On Linux it is possible to create a mount point for an entire server's shares using automount.)

As a workaround, you can create one network share in Samba to a directory that is full of symlinks to the all the shared directories and map that. (Just make sure you set wide links = yes in that share's configuration in smb.conf).

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Thanks for the info, I guess a batch script can suffice (to create the sym links). Seems like an odd limitation though. – Ben Jun 7 '11 at 22:42

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