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Does anybody know of a stable release of a GUI Git Client?

Preferrably one that can run on both Mac OS X & Windows.....

Heard about SmartGit but it's still in Beta and i'm not sure I have time for trial and error.

If not, A stable one for either OS would be suitable too.

Kind regards


I have read the list of potential clients that is hosted on the wiki for GIT..... I am simply asking for advice from people who have used GIT Clients....

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This one is a variation of TortoiseSVN for Windows only

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I use msysgit, and although it is still a preview release, I've had good luck with it. If you're looking for a stable release on windows you can either go with the officially supported cygwin install (it's not fun), or wait a little longer.

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Before someone else says it, you could always install CYGWIN and run GIT natively, however I am not a fan of that!

I found this - Msysgit which appears to be a native Windows implementation of Git.

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For Windows, I highly recommend the already mentioned TortoiseGit. Once installed it is a dream to work with but make sure you also grab Putty to handle the SSH keys side.

As for Mac, I recently found Gitti which works extremely well for me. I find the other clients to be bloated.

Also if you using Xcode 4 or RubyMine on the Mac you'll find that they have native Git clients built-in that work quite well. If you're using Visual Studio I recommend using Git Extensions.

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People have already mentioned TortoiseGit. Also, some IDEs have support for git, but it's going to depend on the type of development you're doing. I write Java code using IntelliJ Idea, which has a pretty decent support for git. Nothing fancy, but good enough for pushing and pulling code from by bitbucket account.

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Mac OS X GUI for git is GitX.

Windows Git implementation

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I second Tower ( It's the best Git client for OSX by far! I use it for multiple clients and multiple hosting providers.

One thing to note is that it is advertised as SVN friendly, but I find that to be false. I don't use it for SVN, so it works out fine, but just do not purchase it with the intent of using SVN with it too.

Oh! And I find the support via Twitter (@gittower) to be better than filling out a report on their website. The second best is emailing them directly ( If all else fails, fill out the form and say a prayer!

It is a bit of money, but it is WELL worth it in my opinion. It is not yet available on Windows, but SmartGIT is the best (and only, to a certain extent) GUI that is available on OSX and Windows (and Linux, if thats your thing). And its free for personal, non-commercial use too.

Best of luck!

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As others have mentioned, take a look at TortoiseGit and msysgit for Windows.

Since you didn't specify free clients, the only 'stable' client I know for OSX is Tower.

You may also want to look at this question for more suggestions on Windows clients.

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