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I want to install screen and i think i could do

yum install screen

but i thought i could be smart and run a search first

yum search all screen

and here is the problem, this results in a huge list, so what will yum install screen do? Will install the one i want or wil it prompt me to install all?

dont want to mess up my setup :D

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It will install the latest package with the name of "screen". Try yum list screen.

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nice, one result :D – Jason94 Jun 8 '11 at 11:08

Just check with

yum info screen

what you are really installing. It will give you a summary and a description of that package.

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Also, unless you invoke it as yum -y install, yum will always prompt you for confirmation before executing an operation. So, when you run yum install screen, it'll resolve your request, determine the list of packages to be installed/upgraded/whatever, then show you that list (along with the size of the download required) and ask Is this ok [y/N]: before proceeding.

It's very safe to just "try stuff" with yum.

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