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I need to produce a method of moving the B and C columns to match up with A so:

enter image description here

with a macro or formula it should produce:

enter image description here

Column 1(A) should be unchanged but 2(B) and 3(C) moved; 2 and 3 will also need to be linked.

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Adjust the range represented by B1:C11 in your top screen capture to reflect the range of B and C columns. Move the B & C column content to another location such as G1:H11

Then in B1


and in C1


you can always insert name define the range $G$1:$H$11 (or whatever it is) and use the namedRange in the formulas instead which would look like




of course drag the formulas in B1 and C1 down adjacent to column A.

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Brillant! Thank you very much, you saved my keyboard from a window excursion. – Chris Stein Jun 9 '11 at 7:39

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