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Is it possible to show the subtitle in an AVI movie ?

Note: I don't want to add the subtitle to the movie, I just want to show them from a downloaded file.

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Yes, as long as the player supports it. VLC does, and so do many others.

The convention is to name the subtitle file the same as the video file, but with a different file extension (like .srt), and the player will automatically pick it up.

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Yes. The determining factor is your AVI player.

VLC media player (available for Windows, Linux, and Mac) has a dropdown menu that allows you to load the file from a specific location.

See this site for more information:

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Vlc is the final answer – Pitto Jun 8 '11 at 16:37

You need a separate file containing the subtitle information with the same file name as the AVI file, except having a .sub extension. Put the file in the same folder as the AVI file.

For Windows Media Player, do the following:

Install DirectVobSub Click here to download

Play the movie with Windows Media Player

While the movie is playing, Click on Play -> Captions and Subtitles -> On if available

Here's a list of places to download subtitles for popular videos Link

Please note that different versions of Windows Media Player may have menus arranged in slightly different ways.

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If you want to watch movies with subtitles, I know that VLC supports playing AVI and sub from two different files, and also generally it is a highly recommended movie player - not too heavy for your PC, has many options and most importantly: can play nearly any file extension.

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