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i have just installed optware package on dd-wrt.

when i execute service command, it cannot be found.

What is wrong?

screenshot is attached.

---- EDIT ----- my router is asus wl-520gu

enter image description here

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Perhaps some info how exactly did you install the software? And what you think should be expected output of commands run... – bbaja42 Jun 8 '11 at 22:38

I've never run dd-wrt, but if it's linux based, service is probably in /sbin. What happens when you try /sbin/service? If that works, you need to add /sbin to your PATH.

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service should just run directly upon login (just tested it myself) - that is, it is your path.

If it isn't in your path, it should be in /opt/usr/sbin

You might want to Optware, the Right Way for the install (your screenshot suggests that you haven't used their install script).

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