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I'm using Motion with a v4l2 webcam on /dev/video0 for motion detection.

I'd like to also use vlc for rtp streaming. Let's say, Motion detects a movement and then automatically starts vlc to stream a video via rtp.

The problem is that vlc can't capture images from the webcam while it's being used by Motion.

v4l2 demux error: cannot set input (Device or resource busy)

Is there a workaround, trick, solution?

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I can't remember the details of how I got this working several years ago (don't have access to that system any longer), but I basically published a copy of the video stream using Motion. Then instead of connecting VLC directly to the camera, I connected it to the relayed stream that Motion was publishing.

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There is software that can "split" a webcam in to multiple virtual devices, so that multiple programs can use its video feed at once. ManyCam comes to mind, but I'm sure there are free equivalents that don't watermark the video. Asus preinstalls a program called Asus Virtual Camera on many of their laptops that does this, I suspect it would also work on non-Asus hardware. Softpedia has downloads.

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