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Closing Notepad++ tabs on closing application

It's very annoying that every time Notepad++ starts, it displays the last modified file. Is there a setting to turn this feature off?

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Click on the "MISC" tab.

Uncheck the option on the bottom left: "Remember current session for next launch"


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Things have changed a bit in Notepad. I am using Notepad++ v6.6.1. The feature is currently available under: Settings > Preferences > Backup > Remember current session for next launch (top right hand section) –  BustedSanta May 9 at 13:20

In Notepad++ the feature is referred to as the 'session' (all the docs you had open when you last closed it).

To disable it via Notepad++ (as noted in other answer):

Settings --> Preferences --> Misc. Tab --> Un-check "Remember current session for next launch"

NP++ Misc Prefs Screen

From outside Notepad++, you can use the command-line argument -nosession to force NP++ to start without loading the last session:

-nosession Use this parameter to launch Notepad++ without loading the previous session (the files opened in Notepad++ at the last time). On shutdown, Notepad++ will not record currently opened files in session.xml.

For the complete list of command-line options check out this page on NP++'s wiki on SourceForge.

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Thanks for "-nosession" option. This can be critical when Notepad++ was closed with a very big file opened. It can take hours to start it again then. –  Sergiy Byelozyorov Nov 7 '11 at 20:29
Or if, for some reason, Notepad++ is crashing on launch :) –  enderland Oct 22 '13 at 22:01

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