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I've installed chromium on Linux from a custom binary on the net. When I try to get to gmail or any other site that uses flash, chromium warns me that the version of flash that is shipped with the browser is stale and that I should be using the latest version and pointing to an adobe site.

the adobe site gives me 3 options 1) yum 2) RPM 3) tar.gz 4) APT for ubuntu

since I'm on redhat, I can use either yum or RPM.

Which one should I use and what is the command to install it so that chromium can use it.

Thank you,

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Since Fedora is the upstream of both RHEL & Centos, I guess you can follow the instructions bellow:

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that worked just fine for me on a 32-bit install. – anjanbacchu Jun 9 '11 at 17:08

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