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Currently, under Preferences>PHP>Debug>Installed Debugger, only Zend Debugger is shown, and there is no way to add xdebug, even though I have verified that it is active using phpinfo().

Does anyone know a way to add xdebug (probably via "Install New Software", but any method will be appreciated)?

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I do not have it installed now, but if I remember well, on the beta I renamed all Eclipse zend debugger plugins. I think they were two or three. I have just added a ".no" at the end of the name changing their extensions.

I then restarted FB for PHP, and in the options I was finaly able to insert my XDebug parameters. I hope it still works like that with the release version.

The files to rename are:


I simply renamed them to:

After that, xdebug magically shows up in the installed debuggers list.

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