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Ok I actually have an msn account "" Ever since I tried to view my emails using Outlook 2007, I no longer can view my old emails from the Hotmail web interface.

I think I messed up the Outlook configuration because I could view new emails from Outlook but I could not send any emails from Outlook, getting something like "Cannot connect to SMTP blah blah blah".

I want to get rid of Outlook, undo what I did before. So I tried deleting on my machine my email account by going to Control Panel --> Mail --> and deleting my email account. But no luck.

Anyone knows how I can see my old emails from Hotmail account? I don't know why Outlook would interfere with the Hotmail Web interface. Isn't Outlook and Hotmail different clients. I can view my old emails from Outlook but not from Hotmail web interface. I mean when I setup Outlook did all my emails get moved to another email server?

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It sounds like you may have configured Outlook to download all messages (POP) and delete from server.

Either way, this belongs on, voting to migrate it there.

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yeah I realize that now. thanks. I guess not good idea to have that setting ON by default. – Marquinio Dec 8 '10 at 18:14

Microsoft does what they want and we cant do anything about getting our valuable emails back from their clusterphuhk. Our cherished history means nothing to them and they patronize us to tactfully say that's what you get for free. If you paid for this service we would actually try to resolve this but free you isn't the "F" word that we provide FOR FREE. FREE YOUR EMAIL or FREE OFF AND DIE email. Can you tell I'm upset? They want me to get over their lack of value for my expectation of dependable service. They no longer support hotmail and outlook not so good either. This thread will also be closed shortly. I'm so distressed but they're unconcerned and as helpful as my estranged, angry, bi-polar, alcoholic, and Manic ex-wife, Stephanie. I hope she's happy but I live in reality.

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