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I've had 40 of these errors in the last 7 days. Can anyone give an explanation of the error and what I might do to correct it? I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. As a possibly important aside I'm runnning a copy of Windows 7 that I've yet to activate (still trying to find the damn code before I cough up dough for the new one.)

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Can you post yoru IPCONFIG /ALL ? – KCotreau Jun 10 '11 at 23:27
I want to make sure your subnet mask is correct: – KCotreau Jun 10 '11 at 23:34
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Check out:

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This seems to directly address the question. – Lil' Smokey Jun 11 '11 at 3:15
Eww... a link only answer. Here's the copy-pasta: "The circular kernel context logger takes frequent snapshots of the system into a 100MB RAM file (not on disk). It is needed. To fix the "fail to start" error, find the following file in the %windir%\panther\ folder: setup.etl and rename it to setup.old It can stay in the \panther\ folder. Reboot and all is done!" – BlueCompute Apr 28 at 9:44

0xC0000035 stands for STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_COLLISION, which means two objects names collide.

First of all, before going further you should confirm that the logger is actually working:

  1. Open Control Panel -> System -> Administrative Tools -> Performance Monitor.

  2. Under Data Collector Sets -> Event Trace Sessions, verify that the Context Logger is running.

If it is running, there isn't really a problem; so you should just filter or ignore the error and move on.

If there is however a problem, you can try some suggestions or analyze the prolem in more details:

  1. Check what happens with the log files by using Process Monitor and look at C:\PerfLogs\Admin and also pay noitce for any other failing operations when you restart the Context Logger yourself.

  2. Use API Monitor and hook into the object name related functions or modules, this requires research...

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I found this worked for a number of people:

ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /release /all they rebooted, but ipconfig /renew should work

They reported no errors after that.

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