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Watch this video.

What I like is the ease with which user is able to write or draw anything. Also I like the way he is able to use different colors.

I have a Mac and I would like to produce a videos for my clients.

What software do I need?

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This could be recorded with Quicktime X's Screen Capture functionality (built-in to OS X 10.6), while drawing on a document in any image editor with a brush tool and color palette (ex. Photoshop). The author appears to be scrolling down the document during the lesson. After recording, you could then edit the film in iMovie if necessary (for example, to crop the color palette and other UI from view in the video.)

I think the key here for the ease of writing and drawing is that the author is using a graphics tablet (a popular example of this is a Wacom tablet.) Check Amazon for some good pricing.

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The author clearly moves the pointer out of the visible canvas to select different colors and to scroll down, so a large black "blackboard" image onto which he pasted the math problem at the top seems plausible. – Daniel Beck Jun 11 '11 at 6:20
Also, when he erases something he's written, that's likely just the Undo command of the program he's using. – Daniel Beck Jun 11 '11 at 10:08

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