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I want to take a screen shot of a window that's larger than the screen size. Is there any tool that can help me with that? If I zoom out of the window and I take the screenshot I lose the quality of the picture and zooming back in will not work.

A large monitor would help me with this but I don't have one.

Is there any software that can take screenshots of what is beyond the border of the screen? I'm using Jing, but it only allows me to take a picture of what's visible on the screen and ignores the rest.

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What is the application or file you are trying to take a screen shot of? If it is something that can be opened in a browser you can use the Firefox Screengrab plugin. It will allow you to take a screen shot of an entire page, window, frame, or selection, regardless if it visible or not. –  ubiquibacon Jun 12 '11 at 0:04

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There is nothing "beyond the screen", mostly because applications will not draw it.

Your best bet is to pan around the image, and use Photoshop (or your favorite image editor) to stitch the pieces together.

That's how it is in Windows at least; you don't say what "window" you have, and how you can "zoom out".

But if i was, for example, trying to steal images of Google Maps i would

  • pan around
  • save the small bits
  • stitch them together in Photoshop
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As alternatives to Photoshop you may want to use free image editors like Gimp or Paint.Net, or use a panorama-software, which will detect the matching parts of your images and put them together automatically. –  Kissaki Jun 12 '11 at 0:06
I'm actually trying to get something from a pdf file, might be a little rough to merge pieces together if I don't take the screenshot in one go. I discovered SnagIt 9 has a nice scrolling feature (they removed it in SnagIt 10 for some reason). It allows you to scroll down in a pdf, doesn't work to scroll to the side though. Very useful nevertheless –  Cat Jun 14 '11 at 15:18
i was using photoshop to stitch together a newspaper image from Google's Newspaper archives. –  Ian Boyd Jul 3 '11 at 2:48

I'm actually trying to get something from a pdf file, might be a little rough to merge pieces together

Acrobat Reader actually supports "full page screenshots" via the Snapshot tool:

You can use the Snapshot tool to copy all selected content (text, images, or both) to the clipboard or to another application. Text and images are copied as an image.

Select the Snapshot tool by choosing Edit > Take a Snapshot. Do one of the following:

  • Click anywhere in the page to capture the entire content displayed on the screen. (Note that this actually captures entire pages, not just the visible area on the screen.)

  • Drag a rectangle around the text or images, or a combination of both.

  • Drag a rectangle within an image to copy just a portion of the image.

The Snapshot Tool can be set to use a fixed resolution for the captured image, regardless of your current zoom level.

Look for this setting under Edit > Preferences > General > Use fixed resolution for Snapshot tool images. I use a resolution of 150 DPI.

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Its possible to take SS of image going beyond visible portion of screen by using PicPick Software.


  • Take screenshots of an entire screen, an active window, the scrolling windows and any specific region of your desktop, etc

  • Customize your own keyboard shortcuts Support multiple monitor environments,
    capturing with cursor, auto save and file naming, etc

  • Support the floating widget Capture Bar which makes it easy for you to take

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Reference : One of the posts from TechProceed.com –  Snehal Masne Jul 9 at 17:36

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