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I long while ago (when I was in collage) I used VIM a bit. I have not used it since and would like to get back into using it. I remember there being a way to split the screen within VIM to show common commands on the bottom portion of the screen. I've searched a while and cannot find how to set this up.

Preferably I would like one that I can edit.

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I'm curious what editor have you been using? – Keith Jun 12 '11 at 2:41
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Perhaps you are looking for ":help quickref.txt"?

If you want to force the help window to open on the bottom instead of the top you may do ":bo help quickref.txt" (:bo is short for :botright.)

If you want to be able to edit this help file after you have opened the help window, you can use something like ":saveas ~/quickref.txt", then open that file in the future (with ":split ~/quickref.txt") instead of running the help command.


:help :botright
:help :saveas
:help :split
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