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I often listen to online radio (url is ) with vlc player. Streaming is a mp3 over http.

I want to record all track names that are played on this radio. My vlc does show track name, but when the next track is played, the name is lost.

I'll use this track names to do some statistics (like top10) and to find some tracks, which's name I didn't remembered fully.

Is the task possible with vlc? with another windows client? How can I achieve this?

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I need not to save the actual music (audio), only Tags of music (text). – osgx Jun 12 '11 at 0:16

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VLC includes support for submitting tracks to If you sign up at and enter your password to VLC preferences, played tracks will be recorded in your profile, even with statistics.

(I'm not actually sure if this works with streams, though. It might be for local files only.)

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I hav no and want not to register. How can I submit track names to the local file? I can do all stats by myself (i hav excel, perl and awk for this). – osgx Jun 12 '11 at 12:38

Still don't know how to make this locally with vlc or any stream client, but I used wget + cron to get "3 just played songs" from web-site of this radio into text files.

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This answer is "bad" in the sense that if someone wants to do the same thing but with a different internet radio stream then they have to write a different script to deal with the different web page. I am really surprised that the community cannot generate a better answer than this, and I'd really like to know a better answer :-( Complicated programs like vlc/winamp are capable of reading the track names and printing them on the screen -- all that is needed here is a simple program which reads the track names and writes them to a file. Can this really be so hard? – Kevin Buzzard Sep 15 '13 at 15:50

Personally I listen to DI premium with Winamp and then use Streamripper to save the tracks. Streamripper is clever enough to save each track as its own file as opposed to one long stream file with track name and artist. Word of warning though is I found Winamp doesn't like sharing bandwidth Streamripper even if there is enough space and you will find that Winamp will jump between "tracks" ( term used loosely as it all connects to DI and is the same stream, the pls file inserts three connections to Winamp ) and unless you have repeat on, it will stop playing. With repeat on you will hear the jump live but it does not get recorded.

DI listener for 7 years. Cant function without it now :) i dont record unless its an epic track. Takes up too much memory.

Hope this helps :)

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  • RadioSure

  • Screamer Radio

  • streamWriter

  • RarmaRadio

  • TapinRadio

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