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Anyone got any idea how to change the font of all text boxes in an Impress presentation? Applying a Master slide doesn't appear to have any useful effect.

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Press F11, you will see a style dialog. Right click on "Default", and change the font.

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This method allows to change the font/size for all the text in the impress presentation wich uses the same style. – jhcaiced Apr 12 '12 at 1:05

first, you can use font substitution in LibreOffice settings, however, this will have only effect on your computer. I also faced this problem and as I remember, I did some experiments with the XML files inside the OpenDocument file. I extracted it using 7zip and then used PSPad editor to search and replace the font names in the files. It is a longer time ago so I do not remember the exact procedure. :-)

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Select all (Ctrl + A) Go up to Format Select on Character

Then make the changes you want and it will be applied to all text that is selected.

You can do the same if you only wanted to change some of the text boxes on the slide by only selecting the text boxes you want to change.

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this is working :) thanks – Superbiji Oct 29 '15 at 7:24

Go into the outline. Change it all to the font you want. It is know reflected in the presentation.

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