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Both forwarding complete MIME messages (mime_forward=yes), and editing a message's text when forwarding it (mime_forward=yes) is quite simple with mutt, but including the attachments and editing the message's text at the same time is not. I came across multiple suggestions:

  1. Use ESC e (resend message) to use the original message as a template link: This does not work, because mutt decodes the message body, turning non-ASCII characters into unpleasant strings.

  2. Forward the original message as an attachment and edit its body using m from the attachments menu link: This does not work, because there is "No mailcap edit entry for message/rfc822" (and even if there was such an entry – I do not want to edit the complete MIME message, but only its first part).

  3. Bounce the original message: This requires editing the From header and manually quoting the original content, which takes too much time.

Is there any simple method to achieve most other mail clients' default behavior?

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