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I need to help someone with installing some development packages and everything. I am running Ubuntu and the person I want to help is running MacOSX 10.5. What is the most easiest way to do this?


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what about TeamViewer or FreeNX? We just tested the TeamViewer between Linux and Windows and it worked very good.

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Thanks, I'll try those :) – Amokrane Chentir Jun 12 '11 at 21:48

A solution which works with built-in software of that two systems:

On the Mac: System preferences > Sharing > Screen Sharing

  • Enable it, and in the further options ensure that "VNC users are allowed to join with password: XYZ" and which users/groups are allowed.
  • If you should need further info: Apple documentation on Screen Sharing

On the Ubuntu computer: Applications > Internet > Remote Desktop Viewer

Of course, with this solution you have to go through the hassle of determining IP , firewall settings, etc, compared to rather easy tools like Teamviewer, but you have the advantage of having no need for 3rd party software, and the related issues of trust.

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