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I'm a fan of the "test first" approach to programming.

My C++ program needs a neural net. I've been trying FANN ( but it's been a struggle, as it requires a language binding and will not just work from the command-line with an input file.

Is there a good Neural Net out there with reasonable performance, but very easy to compile, install, and use?

I want it to integrate with a C++ program later, after successful command-line experiments.


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"just work from the command-line with an input file" As opposed to a compiler and a source file..? – ildjarn Jun 12 '11 at 21:04

Although this is Java: PicoNode from the Simbad Project.

Maybe it helps ...


You may want to try this: This a library I've written and from C++ perspective should be easier to use than FANN (and is 3-4 times faster). As an example a command line program is distributed along with the source code.


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