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I want to use some math functions in a gDesklets applet, however, I can't import math in the script. I have googled but got nothing, except this similar post, yet unanswered.

I've tried to import at run time, but __import__ doesn't work:

name '__import__' is not defined                                                     
    2 #
>   3 math = __import__('math')

and neither could eval() work:

name 'eval' is not defined                                                           
    2 #
>   3 math = eval('__import__("math")')
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Uh.. Why vote to close? – Xiè Jìléi Jun 13 '11 at 3:04
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gDesklets is designed to be safe, so functions as import, eval, exec, etc., are disabled due to security reasons. To force enable these functions, you should change the source code:


  self.__environment["str"] = str
  self.__environment["sum"] = sum
+ self.__environment["__import__"] = __import__
+ self.__environment["eval"] = eval

(+) Added these two lines, functions __import__ and eval will then be available in the user scripts.

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