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When I double-click in a terminal, for example xterm, konsole, to select text, it'll select text and then the cursor return. It's not expected because the cursor should be not be moved. I meet this behavior only today after I re-installed Windows 7. I use Citrix to access remote host and never came across this behavior before.

Edit 3: Close inspection show that it's a CTRL-C signal sent to the term. That's why it so annoying because when you double click or click-drag/release accidentally in that term, the program you ran in foreground will be killed...

Edit 2: update: I found that even doulbe click outside of terminal or click somewhere, drag a little bit and then release will do the same effect.

Edit 1: If I use putty to login the server directly from windows, this behavior doesn't happen. So I suspect this has something to do with the xterm/konsole or other terminal.

Please help since I double-click here and there to select text so frequently that a return will interrupt the whole process. Thanks.

System Info: 6.8.3(192)

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It's caused by one translator software YoDaoDict(Chinese name: 有道). It'll translate the word/sentences you select(or pointed by cursor as you config) on your screen, which somehow mess up with my terminal. After I quitted the software, all symptom disappeared. It's a good software, though this minor flaw bug me for a really long time.

The solution I temporarily use it to close the translation-by-select function while I worked in Citrix session(caused I don't need any translation there); and when I browse webpage, I simply activate that function by using a hot-key.

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