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I am using Cygwin on Windows 7 with Xming (Xming I have also installed the Xming fonts (Xming-fonts

I tried more or less all possible combinations from the "VT Fonts" menu in xterm ("TrueType Fonts" on/off, from "Tiny" to "Huge"). However, I do not like any of the results: either the fonts are unproportinal, too bold or too thin, too large or to small, in one word fugly.

How can I select different fonts than the ones which are default to the "VT Fonts" menu?

Also, is there any way to adjust the font size in a stepless manner? (the default steps from Tiny to Huge are too coarse grained)

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The -font argument can take any valid X font specification. You can use xfontsel to select a X font specification of your choice.

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